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YES to every item on this list. Fall can’t start soon enough!


Sneak Peek inside “Big Hair, Don’t Care”, my self-esteem boosting book for little girls with natural hair! See it on Amazon at

I’ve got big hair and I don’t care

And even though the kids may stare

I lift my hands up in the air

Then smile and say I LOVE MY HAIR!

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Must add this to my collection!

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This little girl at the library wrote me this card. If I ever make it big in the library world and get an office to myself I’m framing this and putting this on my wall.

Notes like these are the best thing about being a librarian.

Also one of my favorite things about being a librarian. I’ve saved all the notes (mainly drawings) I’m given. 

Glad to know I’m not the only librarian who saves all these notes. They are good to look when I’ve had a hard day.


After a Norwegian teen had a McDonald’s receipt tattooed onto his arm, he then had the tattoo receipt inked onto his other arm.


Huh? I’m convinced this story is a joke…even though I looked it up and found quite a few articles that told the same story.


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Read this years ago and immediately connected with it. I believe the lesson can be applied to so many parts of my life. Which one do I feed?